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Weight Management & Loss

Weight loss is essential to keeping health problems at bay. As with hormone replacement therapy, we take an individualized approach, striving to understand all aspects of your needs completely, then tailoring your plan to those specific needs.




There are many advantages to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Some of the benefits of weight loss include:

  • Better sleep

  • Improved hormonal balance

  • Improved mood

  • Enhanced sex drive

  • Reduction of discomfort and pain

  • Increased energy

  • Reduced risk of chronic medical conditions


Weight loss is essential to keeping health problems at bay. As with hormone replacement therapy, we take an individualized approach, striving to understand all aspects of your needs completely, then tailoring your plan to those specific needs.

To start, we conduct a thorough history that includes information about your health issues and concerns, your lifestyle, and specific weight loss programs we offer.


So that you can be healthy, feel great and look your best, we take a multifaceted approach to your individualized weight management plan, which may include:

  • Nutritional diet plan

  • Pharmaceutical weight loss and management

  • Lipotropic injections and B12 Shots 


Nutritional Diet Plan

A healthy eating plan gives your body the nutrients it needs every day while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss. We help you recognize what types of foods, medications or medical conditions may be causing your weight increase and work towards permanent lifestyle changes with diet modification. 


We are proud to partner with Copper State Fitness, as a leader in the nutritional health space, in order to maximize your weight loss results and have success in maintaining them. To find out more about our partner, visit

Pharmaceutical weight loss and management 

Obesity often requires long-term treatment to promote and sustain weight loss. As with other chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, use of prescription medications may be appropriate for some people. In addition to medical supervision, Alexander Medical weight loss programs also include a plan for physical activity and an improved diet, which are essential for long-term success. Once the weight is off, we work toward weight management plans that help you learn how to maintain a healthy weight. 

Lipotropic injections and B12 shots

Lipotropic injections combine the powerful energy boost of vitamin B12 with the fat-burning benefits of the lipotropic complex. These injections contain amino acids (protein building blocks) and enzymes that together help your body. Along with our weight loss programs, these injections contain carefully regulated doses of natural lipotropic nutrients that can improve your ability to shed fat. As a result, your body will be more effective in handling the fats you do consume.

Are you looking for fat loss options that work?


Semaglutide is a FDA approved and popular option for weight loss with medical studies showing benefit in both fat loss and improved overall body composition. 


What is Semaglutide exactly?


Semaglutide is a medication we can prescribe at Alexander Medical to help manage weight loss and type 2 diabetes. It works by mimicking the effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 or better known as GLP-1, which in turn increases insulin production, positively impacts blood sugar, and supports a healthy metabolism. Evidence from studies also suggests that Semaglutide can control hunger and cravings. It achieves this by slowing down the digestive process so that patients can feel full and satisfied for longer.  



GLP-1 is crucial to your body’s overall health since it helps regulate blood sugar levels through the controlled release of insulin and glucagon. Cells in the gut will secrete GLP-1 typically 30 minutes after a meal which then triggers the release of insulin, while limiting the release of glucagon. Together these hormones control blood sugar with insulin lowering blood sugar levels and glucagon raising blood sugar so the body is protected from hypoglycemia. Both obesity and weight gain can be attributed to insulin resistance which in turn leads to higher blood sugar levels and may lead to type 2 diabetes and fat gain. Patients who have type 2 diabetes often have insufficient levels of GLP-1 while obese patients may experience fewer positive effects of GLP-1 due to insulin resistance. With the help of Semaglutide, we can help manage blood sugar levels and bring the metabolism back into balance to achieve desired weight loss as well as optimize overall health.

How long does Semaglutide take before seeing results for weight loss?


Depending on the patient’s needs, we will prescribe Semaglutide as a subcutaneous injection at varying dosages. On average, the injection is administered once a week.  Within the first week of taking Semagultide patients can expect a reduction in their blood sugar levels. It takes approximately 8-12 weeks for patients to begin seeing weight loss results. Weight loss results vary by patient, and Alexander Medical can work with each patient’s individual needs and goals with incorporating a protocol also for a healthy diet and exercise. When combined, the right protocol can help patients discover a lasting solution to their weight loss goals.


Our providers can evaluate your symptoms, overall health and relevant lab work to decide whether this treatment is right for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with us at Alexander Medical! 




We do not recommend Semaglutide for patients with the following conditions:

-Thyroid cancer
-Kidney disease with likely reduction in kidney function
-Type 1 Diabetes
-Gastric Bypass/Lap-Band
-History of delayed Gastric emptying
-Pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant/breastfeeding



What is HCG and is it safe?


HCG is a hormone produced in large amounts by pregnant women, which ensures that the baby has everything necessary to develop normally, even if mom is in a famine. It is produced by the body naturally in both men and women in trace amounts. Since the hormone is continually releasing energy from your fat reserves, it is possible

to only eat 500 calories/day without feeling hungry, dropping your metabolism, or losing

muscle mass as it only burns fat. Best part? Your metabolism is “reset” making it possible for your body to maintain your new weight!


HCG has been used for weight loss for more than 60 years and has been shown to be extremely safe in both men and women, when used appropriately. The benefits extend beyond weight loss as it may improve fertility or ease the symptoms of perimenopause and low Testosterone.


What can I expect with an HCG program?


At Alexander Medical, the programs come in 3 or 6 week intervals, depending on the goal amount of weight you are hoping to lose. You will weigh yourself daily at home and come in for weekly visits to check-in on how you are feeling and so your progress can be recorded and measured. Daily injections of HCG are to be expected, with a very small insulin-type syringe that is nearly painless. On this program, you will stick to a 

very low calorie diet for 3 or 6 weeks, followed by a low carbohydrate diet for 3 weeks to

“lock in” your body’s changes. Every body is different, but on average you can expect to lose 10-20 pounds within the first three weeks and 20-50 pounds in 6 weeks. If you need to lose more weight than that, you can do multiple rounds of the diet, with a break period between cycles. 




You SHOULD NOT use HCG if you are pregnant or nursing, have ever had a blood clot

or DVT. Be sure to communicate to your provider if you have ever had any immune conditions or history of cancer.

We can create a targeted weight loss program customized to your unique needs and goals at Alexander Medical. Schedule your weight loss consultation with us at Alexander Medical by calling 480-757-9713 or sending an email to

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