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Sports Medicine

Support a healthy recovery and healing from injuries and joint pain. 


Sports Medicine - live life, pain free!

Gone are the days where you would have to live with limited movement and daily pain from arthritis or a sports injury! Alexander Medical offers innovative therapies that encourage joint health and repair. With joint injections in particular, you can achieve faster recovery, less pain, greater mobility and increased function. Has your sports injury led to chronic arthritis? We have injections that can help with that too! 

Trigger Point Injections

At Alexander Medical, we use these injections to help with tight muscles, inflammation, and muscle strains. The areas that are most commonly treated are the arms, legs, neck and lower back. After a trigger point injection, you can actively use your muscle again but strenuous activity should be avoided for the first few days after. 

Utilize your own body’s best healing factors

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has rejuvenating properties that encourage tissue growth and repair and is highly effective for sports injuries and join paint. The process starts with the collection of PRP from your blood which is injected directly into the joint(s) and surrounding areas. The boost of PRP helps speed up your body’s natural healing process for relief and recovery. 

PRP therapy in many cases can get you back to your sport 50% faster than traditional physical therapy, surgery, and medications. The PRP encourages regeneration of new tissue at a rate about 8x faster than normal. Since the treatment utilizes your own blood, it's very safe with little to no risk. With surgical solutions, your body has to recover from the injury, any incisions, and blood loss. Plus, surgery puts you at a risk for infection and other complications. This slows down your ability to get back out to play.


How does a PRP treatment work?

With PRP, the process is simple and noninvasive. The team at our office draws a sample of your blood and then it's spun down and treated to create the platelet-rich plasma. We then inject it into the areas that need healing so your body can start the process of building back healthy tissue.

Ask us about PRP and other injections for treating sports injuries at Alexander Medical!

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